Cinematic vistas worthy of the big screen.

Northern BC’s wild beauty is the perfect setting for your next project. Tucked into every corner of this vast region are moody forests, versatile streetscapes, and film-friendly communities, from coastal port cities to frontier towns. Discover unique locations that span eras and industries, including weathered salmon canneries, working ranches, restored gold rush buildings, and off-grid wilderness cabins.

Our long, snowy winters provide unparalleled opportunities for capturing cold weather scenes. Film stunning visuals from soaring mountains, snow-draped forests, pristine glaciers, heli-ski resorts, and community hills with old-school charm.

With easy access to nature and uncrowded cities, Northern BC is the ideal place to bring your cinematic vision to life.


Diverse, friendly, and full of character.

Northern BC communities embrace their own cast of colourful characters. From Smithers’ Bavarian-themed streets to Stewart’s frontier-style architecture and Prince Rupert’s coastal allure, every town in the region offers unique charm and history. Whether you’re looking to shoot a bustling urban centre or a rural, lakeside town with panoramic views of glacier-ringed mountains, you’ll find it here. With a welcoming spirit and a wealth of filming locations, these communities are ready to bring your cinematic vision to life.


Discover films starring Northern British Columbia.

From award-winning feature movies to holiday flicks, Northern BC has played a starring role in creative projects of all genres. Take inspiration from films made in the region, including wilderness dramas and thrillers, fantasy adventures, and TV docuseries.


We can help you elevate your story.

As a champion for film and production in the region, Film Northern British Columbia aims to foster connections between filmmakers, producers, local businesses, and regional and city authorities. From location scouting to film permits to securing tax incentives, we’re here to help your production run as smoothly as possible. Northern BC offers more than just a stunning backdrop for your next film—we have the resources, people, talent, and services needed to take your project to the silver screen.


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