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Why film in the North?

Incentives and Tax Credits

For information on British Columbia and Federal tax credits, please visit Creative BC.

Local Production Crew and Services

Northern BC is home to a growing population base and burgeoning film sector. Businesses offer accommodation, catering, transportation, and more.

Ease of Logistics and Amenities

Productions that choose to film in Northern BC benefit from the region’s uncrowded cities, easy access to nature, diverse film locations, seasonality, and excellent infrastructure.


Winter can range from mild to severe, depending on where you plan to shoot. Many communities experience long, snowy winters. Temperatures dip well into the minuses, and the snowfall runs deep—some parts of the region can receive up to 12 metres.

About Film Northern British Columbia

As a champion for film and production in the region, Film Northern British Columbia aims to foster connections between filmmakers, producers, local businesses, and regional and city authorities. From location scouting to film permits to securing tax incentives, we’re here to help your production run as smoothly as possible. Northern BC offers more than just a stunning backdrop for your next film—we have the resources, people, talent and services needed to make your project a resounding success.

About Northern BC Tourism

Northern British Columbia Tourism Association is a non-profit association that works to promote, develop, support, and sustain the tourism sector in Northern BC. Our team is a diverse group of experienced communication professionals who all share a common passion for travelling and experiencing Northern BC. We are committed to creating a strong and healthy tourism economy while minimizing the impact on our natural and cultural resources by promoting sustainable business practices and responsible travel.